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Dealing for many years with washing and hanging flags on poles our company gained vast experience in this field, which allows us to prepare an advertising flag so as to serve the customer as long as possible. Our product with regular service is able to withstand from 12 to 24 months.

Printing flags Technology: digital printing and silk-screen printing

During printing, inks are absorbed into the fabric. Then the finished print is fired in a kiln. This process is aimed at thickening the material as well as permanent combination of fabric and paint. Thanks to firing, the print is impossible to remove. Thus prepared flags end up in laundry, where the remains of dyes are washed out. The final stage is appropriate edging of flags, which relies not only on rolling up and stitching the material, but sewing in right reinforcing tapes in the places most opened to damage.

Sposób wykończenia flagi Composition of fabric: 100% polyester

For the production of our flags we use knitted fabrics with a weight of 125-155 g/m2

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