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Flagi - produkcja, sprzedaż, pranie

Our company also performs a professional service in terms of washing flags and servicing flagpoles across the country. We also offer advice on the selection and order of flagpoles for new customers who do not yet have their own ones. Our flagpoles are made of fiberglass or aluminum.

Checking technical condition of flagpoles usually takes place during a standard service of exchanging flags on the poles. On the occasion of this exchange, service technician checks the condition of the flagpoles in terms of:

  • functioning of elements of the pole
  • technical condition of line

Flagi - produkcja, sprzedaż, pranie

After the flag exchange, a note is drawn. In the case of defects in the flagpole, it will be made an estimate of taking out of them on the basis of the note. After accepting the repair costs by the customer, the flagpole will be repaired. For customers who use our service, all repairs of poles are made at no additional cost for arrival.

Contact person:
Jacek Strejczyk
mobile: +48 602 115 693

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